1. Wood Framing
    Our family has been in the framing business for over 50 years. We originally started in Missouri with owner David Kirkpatrick and have since moved to California, and then back East again to Tennessee. Because of our work in California, we are extremely safety conscious and require over the top safety measures.
  2. Drywall Repair or Installation
    Sometimes our other trades are required to perform work that includes cutting into and removing drywall. Most service companies aren't equipped or trained to repair missing drywall, but we can! If work is performed that requires drywall removal, we can quote you a discounted rate to replace it.
  3. Deck or Porch Repair or Installation
    For deck or porch installations we recommend Trex Outdoor Living materials. It lasts longer and is much more durable than normal hardwood.
  4. Siding Installation
    We have a team of siders who specialize in Hardie-trim siding. We can also install brick as well as other types of siding, depending on your preference.
  5. Remodels or Additions
    Whether you're looking to remodel a part of your home or add on an addition, we can provide the frame work for you to do so. We only work with wood framing materials so we do not do steel or other metal framing.
  6. Ceiling Repair/Modifications
    Whether you're looking to patch a hole in your ceiling, replace drywall that's had water damage, or update an old popcorn ceiling, we can help!