What is FilterFetch?

FilterFetch is a contractor recommended service that delivers professional grade filters directly to your home.

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How Does It Work?

While at your home, our HVAC technicians can get the correct number and sizes of filters and enter it into the FilterFetch database.  From there, our technician can discuss with you the recommended type of filters for your home.  Then they can give you a six-digit code which will automatically populate the filters you need, specifically picked out by our HVAC technician.

Why Should I Use FilterFetch?

How Do I Get A Code?

In addition to fast free filter delivery, FilterFetch customers receive automatic filter change reminder emails and friendly toll-free support from filter experts.
If you need a code, contact us and we will provide you with one.  In many cases, your technician may give you your code while they are already at your home.

Does someone have to come out to my home?

Do I have to sign up for auto deliveries?

Nope! You can create a filter subscription or do a one-time filter purchase.  There's no hidden fees or required contract minimums.
Nope! If you want to order filters on your own, we can still generate a code for you and you can search for each filter yourself.

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Why Others Are Using FilterFetch


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You can also call FilterFetch at 1-888-293-9488