Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation

  1. No Cool/No Heat
    If your unit is not cooling or heating properly, it could be a multitude of issues. We can come out and check your coils, blower wheel, and other HVAC unit components for cracks or leaks. If your unit is frozen, make sure to unit off before we come so that it has time to thaw.
  2. Hard-Wired and Wireless Thermostats
    We can install any thermostat you desire, from Honeywell to Nest. Our team of technicians can provide a thermostat to install or install one you have already purchased and then train you on the use of it.
  3. Indoor Air Quality
    We currently partner with Solace Air and Environmental Dynamics Group to provide you with quality indoor air products. UV lights installed inside your existing unit can help kill germs and pollutants before they enter and pollute your home.
  4. Packaged Units or Split Units
    Our HVAC team specializes in installing packaged or split units. A packaged unit includes heating and cooling elements together and is installed solely outside your home. A split unit consists of a condenser outside and a furnace or air handler inside, depending on your household needs.
  5. Mobile or Modular Homes
    We do our best to repair mobile home units when needed, and can also offer installation of new units if the current one is no longer functioning properly. Please let us know if you are in need of a mobile or modular home HVAC technician.
  6. Duct Installation
    For most heating and cooling systems, duct work is required to transfer air from outside to inside and throughout your home. Duct work pricing varies and is based on the amount needed to service your home.
  7. Heating and Cooling Check Ups
    Part of our Kirkpatrick Healthy Homes Maintenance Membership, our service technicians will come out twice a year to perform heating and cooling check ups on your current HVAC system which includes a thorough cleaning and diagnostic of your system.
  8. Mini-Splits
    Mini-splits are the new kid on the block in the heating and cooling arena. These units, often called "ductless units," require no duct work but instead are run electronically through small "heads" or cassettes placed throughout the home.
Kirkpatrick Homes - American Standard HVAC unit
Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation
Our technicians are dedicated to giving you the absolute best service each and every time you come in contact with them. For this reason, they are sent for training several times a year through our distributor so that they can learn how to better serve you.  We can get most brands for you, but we do recommend American Standard units.  In 2018 they were voted least likely to break by Consumer Reports. American Standard units can be installed in conjunction with existing or new ductwork throughout your home.

Mini splits, or "ductless" units, are currently trending in newer homes.  We currently install Mitsubishi Electric mini splits in homes, and because we are a Diamond dealer due to extensive trainings, we are able to offer up to a 12 year parts warranty on all Mitsubishi Electric units.