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Established February 2017
We are a family owned business based in Pulaski, Tennessee.  Our family started in the construction business over 30 years ago in California.  We built commercial as well as residential homes all through Northern and Southern California.  We strive to create a safe and effective workforce that can help you with all of your service needs including construction, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC.


David Kirkpatrick

Josh Kirkpatrick

Kelley Kirkpatrick
Construction Department

Josh Kirkpatrick

Jeremy Kirkpatrick
Construction Dept Manager

"Gallo" Kirkpatrick

Jacob DeBoard
Electrical Department

Andrew Inman
Electricial Technician

John Dippold
Electrical Dept Manager

Greg Conaway
Electricial Technician

Dale Inman
Electrical Technician

Beamon Lawrence
Electricial Technician
Plumbing Department

James Armstrong
Plumbing Dept Manager

Chris Shaw
Plumbing Technician

Jacob Green
Plumbing Technician

Levi Walls
Plumbing Technician
HVAC Department

Jonathan Clark
HVAC Install Manager

Mitchell Davis
HVAC Service Manager

Nick Fancher
HVAC Technician

Josh Smith
HVAC Technician

Brock Trumbo
HVAC Technician

Dallas Wright
HVAC Technician


Danielle Kirkpatrick
Office Manager

Megan Mosher
Assistant Office Manager/Dispatcher

Megan Rogers
Administrative Support

Samantha Kirkpatrick
Account Manager

Gary Harris
Operations Manager

Carson Walls
Commercial Projects